WMO Symposium 2017 – Conflict Studies of International Interest

/WMO Symposium 2017 – Conflict Studies of International Interest

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During 2018 AMATI has been working with ADR Group in the UK, individual firms and sets of barristers’ chambers and professionals in India and China, and has entered into development agreements with the International Professional Dispute Resolution Advocates Association (PRC) and the Global Academy for Advocates in Dispute Resolution (India) providing core training and accreditation in mediation advocacy.

In addition SCMA supports the work of the International Dispute Resolution and Risk Management Institute, the Hong Kong Mediation Centre and the Joint Mainland-Hong Kong Mediation Centre. SCMA has certified training courses run by GAADR and The Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Team (PACT) India.

SCMA continues to provide accredited training in Turkey and Nigeria and continues to offer partnership and mentoring programmes with colleagues in Australasia, Singapore and Brazil. During this year SCMA established a working relationship with colleagues in South Africa.

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The World Mediation Organization is very glad to invite you to join and to actively parti- cipate in the WMO Symposium – Berlin 2017, the 12th edition of its kind, in cooperation with: Integrated Mediation

We are about to witness for the first time the fruits of an incredible planning and brain- storming process that gave birth to trans-con- tinental friendships across the globe. Collettively, we can make this event even better than the schedule indicates. Personal exchange, active participation in high-end discussions, and peer coaching will create a complex sus- tainable benefit for all participants, and will turn this event into actionable items worth remembering.

This event is all about you, the practitioners, scholars and students. The reason why we will be able to gather is your specific interest in Mediation and Conflict Resolution and a more peaceful world, your wish to meet in- ternational peers, and your desire to discuss topics relevant to all of us in this increasingly complex global environment. So, I hereby ex- press my gratitude to you, being a pro-active visionary and expert professional, who is in- terested in international exchange constructi- ve thinking.