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here The SCMA, its website and education programme, and its member fraternity are aimed at lawyers, accountants, surveyors and construction professionals, property and H.R. professionals, trade union representatives, local government officers and others who represent clients in mediation in all its forms, including negotiation, dispute avoidance and collaborative bargaining. It is not only for “first-timers” needing to learn about the basics of mediation very quickly, particularly as to what they should expect and how they should prepare, but also for those more seasoned advocates wishing to specialise independently in mediation advocacy and who want to develop the particular skills that it requires.

follow site In the present legal landscape it is essential for all those who appear at mediation, be they lawyers or other professionals, to have a good understanding of the process. This website is aimed at helping all those involved, and who may wish then to become SCMA members accredited to the SCMA as registered mediation advocates and utilise the SCMA Standards and Competencies in Mediation Advocacy as a device by which they, their clients and others measure the proficiency of their practice in this field.

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