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The aims of SCMA are :

  1. to be a neutral and independent member body to promote best practice and provide accredited training and consultancy services in civil and commercial mediation advocacy and representation, dispute resolution and conflict avoidance processes.
  2. to create a culture of best practice by encouraging research, continuing education and quality standards in the field; by issuing guidance to users and the public on good practice; and by conducting certificated accredited training and verification of registered users‘ other CPD activities,thereby to create and maintain an assurance of quality to consumers and clients using SCMA registered users‘ services as representatives in mediation.
  3. to be a focal point for the impartial and learned consideration of issues surrounding mediation and other dispute resolution advocacy skills and techniques, procedural requirements, law, practice and ethics.
  4. to foster, and be a commissioning body for, research into the use and application of advocacy in mediation and other dispute resolution options;
  5. to be a forum for debating issues surrounding the use of advocacy in and mediation representation generally including through an annual series of conferences and seminars;
  6. to collate and offer appropriate information on and about mediation and other dispute resolution options including the means of access to services and practitioners;
  7. to assemble and make available to users an impartial online library of information about mediation and other dispute resolution options including practice methods, accrediting bodies, providers and practitioners; and
  8. to liaise with all other relevant bodies, persons and departments for the achievement of its purposes.

Please note that SCMA operates as a trade organisation and does not have any regulatory function other than to promote best practice and the pursuit of excellence. Regulatory functions will be carried out by the users ‘home’ profession i.e. lawyers, surveyors, accountants, engineers.